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Welcome to my blog


Hello I'm Amy, owner of Red Paper House. I'll be keeping my blog up to date with all the happenings and goings on at Red Paper House HQ..

By Red Paper House, Feb 13 2017 04:13PM

As 2017 marches on, I wanted to make sure I kept to at least one of my resolutions this year and start a blog page.

The blog has no official agenda, but I will dedicate quite a bit of my time to Red Paper House, my jewellery business.

So here's the introduction, I'm Amy, I own Red Paper House, my full time jewellery and accessories business. I run RPH from my studio on the top floor of my house, where I live with my musical boyfriend and two cats - Cleo & Misty. We bought our house around 18 months ago and are still renovating!

Red Paper House is my jewellery business which features simple and contemporary shapes combined with bright colours and bold patterns. I use laser cut sustainable birch wood and recycled paper to create my unique jewellery. Some pieces feature my hand drawn illustrations and other pieces are made completely from paper.

I started my business as a hobby, giving jewellery I had made as gifts to friends and family, but there is only so much jewellery a few people can own and so in time I began selling online. Online sales led to stalls at fairs and market, stockists around the UK and internationally, exhibibtions and magazine features.

I decided to take my business full time in April 2016, I left my part time job at Leeds Art Gallery and have since been dedictating my time to Red Paper House.

Designs by Red Paper House begin as a series of sketches and ideas. I can find inspiration for these sketches from just about anywhere – a stranger’s outfit combo, a book title or even an overheard conversation. However, my favourite source of inspiration is the natural world and environment around me.

My work is inspired by shapes found within elements of nature. I’m particularly drawn to naturally occurring minimal shapes and silhouettes such as circles, crescents, leaves and waves. My practice involves combining simple, organic forms with more abstract concepts of colour, patterns and illustrations.

I rarely sit down and dedicate time to the initial sketching process, it is an organic and spontaneous method of working, which can see ideas striking at any time (usually just before falling asleep). I have endless sketch books and notes filled with design ideas taking over my home!

After the initial drafts are complete I will ponder over my designs for a couple of days before working on drawing up the final designs. At this point I imagine how the final piece should look, deciding colour palettes and finishing touches.

The next stage is creating the pieces! They are laser cut from sustainable birch wood and hand painted. Depending upon the designs, some feature intricate hand drawn illustrations. Next I seal them with a protective enamel finish and they are matched with ethically sourced findings to create the final piece of jewellery.

Alongside Red Paper House I enjoying cooking, baking, reading, walking, sewing and swimming (although time for these is not often found!)

That's al for now, I''l try to post more regularly - do say hi and tell me a bit about yourself.

Lotsa Love Amy x

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